Project Collaboration-Wishberry.

I am Swapnil Patil, I am Masai student.I and few colleagues of mine, we got a project to make last week , the project was to make a clone of famous crowdfunding website

This is my second collaboration , I am very happy to say this collaboration didn’t let me down of course there were challenges which was caused by merging the project and sometimes by not merging the project on time.

Our team had 3 members Bhupendra, Vibhav and me. The team mates did an amazing work in terms of working on webpages but our biggest challenge was communication because there was issues such as electricity issues and internet problems on every side of our team.

But the biggest shock for us was when Vibhav met with an accident, we told him to rest for sometime while he was still refusing to take rest and was passionate about doing his part in the project.

Working till midnight , sometimes avoiding lunch or dinner was new normal for us in the build week, React wasn’t new for us but another thing that increased project building time was the different way of writing code for example Bhupendra used styled components and bootstrap for styling but I was using module CSS . In this collaboration I didn’t make few mistakes that I did in last collaboration. The technology we used was better than last collaboration and our skills were improved too with the time. But still the planning wasn’t up to the mark we did plan it well but it wasn’t detailed enough so from this build week I learnt that the more detailed and structured the plan is the more easy is going to be for us.

Let’s move to our presentation which wasn’t up to the expectations. The key learning for me in this was no matter how good your project is made if the you don’t present it well , it can lead to disqualification.

Nonetheless Our team did a great job definitely there was ups and downs and we are learning from the downs.